Welcome to the 10th Edition of OxiZymes meeting!  The OxiZymes meeting was held the first time in France (Cassis, 2002), then in Italy (Napoli, 2004), Portugal (Oeiras, 2006), Finland (Helsinki, 2008), Germany (Leipzig, 2010), France (Marseille, 2012), Austria (Wien, 2014), the Netherlands (Wageningen, 2016), Great Britain (Belfast, 2018) and now Italy (Siena, 2020). Initially specifically devoted to research activities on laccases and peroxidases, this series of conferences now cover the whole class of oxidoreductases. Building on the success of previous OxiZymes meetings, OxiZymes 2020 will emphasize the discovery of new oxidoreductases and the latest advances in their biotechnological applications. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for industrial researchers to meet with foremost young academics for knowledge transfer and to establish research collaborations. The conference format is designed to be highly interactive, with ample time for stimulating discussions, interdisciplinary interactions, and meetings alongside the scientific sessions.

OxyZymes 2020 will cover the following topics:

  • Newly discovered Oxizymes
  • Oxizymes mechanism and structure
  • Oxizymes engineering and computational approach
  • Artificial Oxizymes and biomimetic cofactors
  • Preparative and Biotechnological applications:
    Oxizymes in fine chemicals
    Oxizymes in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
    Oxizymes in food
    Oxizymes in biorefinery
    Oxizymes in biosensors
    Oxizymes in biomaterials applications
  • Sophie Vanhulle Prize 2020

The Organizing Committee is looking forward to welcoming you in Siena!

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