Conference Venue


The conference will take place at Santa Chiara Lab of the University of Siena.

Siena is located in central Italy - between Florence and Rome - in the heart of Tuscany’s rolling hills and breathtaking landscapes. Tuscany is the cradle of Italian art and language: a famous land of great culture and civilisation, with an extraordinary natural environment and an outstanding gastronomic tradition.

Staying in Tuscany is an opportunity to gain a great cultural experience, since the region has preserved most of its architectural beauty unspoiled for centuries. Six Tuscan locations – among them the historic centre of Siena - have been nominated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The University of Siena is one of the oldest universities in Europe, having been founded in 1240. Most of the University buildings, including Santa Chiara Lab, are inside the city walls of Siena, whose historical centre is off-limits to traffic.

Santa Chiara Lab is a strategic project of the University of Siena launched in 2016. It offers a creative space for developing and experimenting with new ideas and cutting-edge technologies with a strong vocation to the development of multidisciplinary projects.

Santa Chiara Lab includes a Fab Lab (Digital Fabrication Laboratory) which collaborates with cultural and political institutions, districts, trades associations and third sector organisations promoting co-design in the field of cultural heritage, disability studies, health care, food, IoT. The Fab Lab facilities and equipment are for design, prototype and test interactive technologies: ultrasound mid-air technology Ultrahaptics, customized PCB for embedded applications, CNC milling machine and laster cutter, 3D printers and software for 3D modelling.

Santa Chiara Lab hosts the Lab VR equipped with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Hololens and Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (also known as CAVE), Mobile physiological signal measuring device (Biopac), portable eye-tracker system, to investigate human behaviour through virtual reality simulations.

How to reach Siena

by plane

Airport "Amerigo Vespucci" in Florence (68 km)
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Airport "Galileo Galilei" in Pisa (150 km)
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Airport “Leonardo da Vinci” in Roma (250 Km)
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by train

Siena is connected to Chiusi railway station (from/to Rome) and Empoli (from/to Florence and Pisa).
The railway station is about 2km from the town centre and it can easily be reached by bus in a few minutes.
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by bus

There are bus connections with several northern and southern cities; the most frequent are Florence, Rome and Bologna. Timetable available on