ECCE 2021 is the 32nd annual conference of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (EACE).

This leading conference in human-media interaction and cognitive ergonomics provides an opportunity for both researchers and practitioners to exchange new ideas and practical experiences from a variety of domains.

 The special theme for ECCE conference in 2021 is:

"Designing virtual and physical interactive systems"

Today's technologies allow new interactive opportunities and access to digital media, services and smart products. These afford the creation of cooperative practices between agents distant in time and space and the development of tailored and ubiquitous services/systems closer to the people’s needs and expectations. This way they have a tremendous opportunity to foster inclusion and diversity and break down the boundaries between places and levels of participation. In these scenarios, cognitive processes are expressed, modified and developed in interactions with systems whose boundaries between virtuality and materiality are increasingly blurred.

The design of interactive systems that consider physical and virtual realities as well as exploration of mixed materiality calls for new methodological insights, ethical reflections, and sustainable practices openings unexplored perspectives.

ECCE 2021 seeks to encourage an interdisciplinary dialogue and discussion among participants related to general topics of cognitive ergonomics as well as this year’s special theme.

We invite various types of contributions from researchers and practitioners – including long and short papers – which address the broad spectrum of cognitive ergonomics challenges in the analysis, design, and evaluation of virtual and physical interactive systems.

Conference Chairs

Role Member
General Chair Patrizia Marti, University of Siena
General Chair Oronzo Parlangeli, University of Siena
Program Chair Annamaria Recupero, University of Siena
Doctoral Consortium Chair Gerrit van Der Veer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair Luigina Ciolfi
Volunteer Chair Flavio Lampus, University of Siena

Scientific Committee

Sara Albolino Center for Clinical Risk Management and Patient Safety, Tuscany Region
Mattias Arvola Linkoping University
Sebastiano Bagnara IUAV-Università di San Marino
Tommaso Bellandi Director of Patient Safet, Regional Health service of Tuscany
Raymond Bond University of Ulster
Guy Boy ESTIA Technical Institute of Technology
Willem-Paul Brinkman Delft University of Technology
Pedro Campos Madeira-ITI - University of Madeira
Ana Caraban Madeira Interactive Technology Institute
Maria Cristina Caratozzolo University of Siena
Torkil Clemmensen CBS
Geert De Haan Wittenborg University - Apeldoorn
Francoise Detienne CNRS telecom paristech
Anke Dittmar University of Rostock
Francesco Di Nocera University of Rome Sapienza
Gorka Epelde VICOMTech - Visual Interaction and Communication Technologies Center
Shamal Faily Bournemouth University
Ali Farooq University of Turku
Tom Flint Edinburgh Napier University
Luciano Gamberini University of Padua
Carlo Giovannella Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata 
Stefano Guidi Center for Clinical Risk management and Patient Safety, Tuscany Region 
Lynne Hall University of Sunderland
Rikard Harr Umeå university
Alessandro Innocenti University of Siena
Marja Liinasuo VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
Paul M. Liston Trinity College Dublin
Aale Luusua University of Oulu, School of Architecture
Enrica Marchigiani University of Siena
Tilo Mentler Universität zu Lübeck
Michael Mose Biskjaer School of Communication & Culture, Aarhus University
Maurice Mulvenna Ulster University
Dimitris Nathanael National Technical University of Athens
Jason Nurse University of Kent
Philippe Palanque ICS-IRIT, University Toulouse 3
Giulia Parovel University of Siena
Luca Pietrantoni University of Bologna
Antonio Rizzo University of Siena
Sergio Roncato University of Padua
Tess Roper University of Nottingham
Luca Save Deep Blue
Gavin Sim University of Central Lancashire
Anna Spagnolli University of Padua
Fotios Spyridonis University of Greenwich
Chris Stary JKU
Michela Tanzini Center for Clinical Risk Management and Patient Safety, Tuscany Region
Riccardo Tartaglia Center for Clinical Risk Management and Patient Safety, Tuscany Region
Giulio Toccafondi Center for Clinical Risk Management and Patient Safety, Tuscany Region
Francesca Tosi University of Florence
Egon L. van den Broek Utrecht University
Christof van Nimwegen Utrecht University
Neil Vaughan University of Chester
Harry Witchel Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Local Organising Committee

University of Siena


  • Simone Guercio
  • Flavio Lampus
  • Enrica Marchigiani
  • Matteo Sirizzotti
  • Massimiliano Tiberio