The workshop aims to gather well established and early career researchers working in the field of Mathematical Analysis and Calculus of Variations. The conference will be an opportunity of exchange of knowledge and recent developments in research, starting from theoretical questions in Geometric Measure Theory up to modelling of physical settings using the tools and the approach of Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations.

The organization also reserves a small section for PHD students who want to present their research. Moreover, some extra financial support is available for PHD students and young researchers who want to participate.

The event will be held at DIISM (Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics of Siena University).

The conference is supported by the University of Siena by the F-cur funding of Riccardo Scala “Investigations with Applications to Mechanics on the Jacobian and Area Relaxation” (IAMJAR)(codice progetto: 2262-2022-SR-CONRICMIUR_PC-FCUR2022_002).

The conference is also supported by the project: PRIN 2022PJ9EFL “Geometric Measure Theory: Structure of Singular Measures, Regularity Theory and Applications in the Calculus of Variations”.

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