2.30-2.45 pm: Meeting Presentation and Institutional Greetings
Prof. Agnese Magnani: Director of the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy – Università di Siena 
Prof. Maria Laura Bolognesi: President of the Medicinal Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society – Università di Bologna

2.45-3.00 pm: Prof. Stefano Alcaro – Università Magna Græcia & Net4Science spinoff – Catanzaro
Session opening and introduction to the “protein-protein interaction” research field

3.00-3.30 pm: Prof. Francesco Ortuso – Università Magna Græcia & Net4Science spinoff – Catanzaro
Molecular modelling approaches in protein-protein interaction studies

3.30-4.00 pm: Prof. Simona Rapposelli – Università di Pisa
Modulating 14-3-3 protein interaction network for the next generation of cancer therapy: a case study

4.00-4.30 pm: Coffee break and Poster Session

4.30-5.00 pm: Prof. Alessio Ciulli – University of Dundee
How PROTAC degraders work: molecular recognition and design principles

5.00-5.30 pm: Prof. Beatrice Vallone – Università di Roma La Sapienza
Interactions for iron uptake are exploited by infectious agents as revealed by the cryo-EM structure of the Ferritin-CD71 complex

5.30-5.50 pm: Organizing and Scientific Committees
Discussion and Best Poster Presentation Award

5.50-6.00 pm: Closing Remarks


*Programme in Italian Summer Time (GTM+2)