The Summer School is the result of a collaboration between the Law Department of University of Siena, the Israeli Foreign Ministry – Embassy of Rome and three Israeli Universities (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ben Gurion University and Bar-Ilan University).
The course, which is highly multidisciplinary, intends to examine the phenomenon of terrorism and its impact on the protection of human rights both from a theoretical and an operational perspective by scholars and operators (from the public and private sectors). The focus will be on four thematic areas: migration flows, data flows, capital / financial flows and a specific focus of comparison between Italy and Israel.
The speakers are lawyers (professors in University, lawyers, judges, civil servants of the Italian Parliament and Knesset, strategic consultants), IT specialists, economists, managers and researchers of private groups (Leonardo s.p.a., Bruno Kessler Foundation), public officials from the Italian Ministry of the Interior, from the Guardia di Finanza, from the Bank of Italy and other high Italian Institutions.