Programma scientifico

Mercoledì 11 settembre

12.00 – 14.45  Registrazione partecipanti
14.45 – 15.00  Opening remarks – Massimo Coletta

Chairpersons: S. Mangani, M. Coletta
15.00 – 15.50 PL1: Sergio Riva (Istituto di Chimica del Riconoscimento
Molecolare (ICRM), CNR – Milano)
Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenases: An ongoing story
15.50 – 16.10 O1: Claudia Bonfio Towards the emergence of modern cell membranes
16. 10 – 16.30 O2: Claudia Fattuoni How much Chemistry you need to play Metabolomics?

16.30 – 17.00  Coffee break

Chairpersons: L. D’Andrea, S. Riva
17.00 – 17.20 O3: Silvia Holler Droplet-based synthetic biology: chemotaxis and interface with biology
17.20 – 17.40 O4: Giusy Tassone Structural characterization of a synthetic mimic of the Photoactive Yellow Protein
17.40 – 18.00 O5: Marco Todisco Nonenzymatic RNA polymerization templated by supramolecular liquid-crystalline order
18.00 – 18.20 O6: Massimiliano Gaeta Interaction of supramolecular Porphyrin-Calix[4]arene complexes with polyglutamic acid in water
18.30 – 19:30  Presentazione  poster
20.00   Cena in Contrada (facoltativa)

Giovedì 12 settembre

Chairpersons: A. Magistrato, M. Benvenuti
9.00 – 9.50 PL2: Paolo Carloni (Institute for Advanced Simulations-Computational Biomedicine – Jülich- Germany) Neuronal G-protein Receptors: Insights  by Multi-scale Molecular Simulation
9.50 – 10.10 O7: Magda Gioia Effect of mechanical forces on osteogenesis in human primary cells
10.10 – 10.30 O8: Pasquale Sacco Chitosan and chitosan-derivative gels as potential platforms for cellular mechanotransduction

10.30 – 11.00  Coffee break

Chairpersons: R. Pierattelli, P. Carloni
11.00 – 11.50 PL3: Rino Rappuoli (GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Vaccines, Siena) Structural vaccinology, a structure-based antigen design
11.50 – 12.10 O9: Davide Sala A protocol to automatically calculate
homo-oligomeric protein structures from NMR-derived ambiguous contacts
12.10 – 12.30 O10: Maxime Denis Paramagnetism-assisted NMR-based Drug Discovery:  Towards new inhibitors for tcPex14 
12.30 – 12.50 O11: Ivan Hawala Innovative synthetic approach based on the Native Chemical Ligation for development of new dual PET/OI peptide imaging probes
12.50 – 13.10 O12: Federico Capuana A novel tetrameric gadolinium-based contrast agent for molecular imaging of tropoelastin by MRI
13.10 – 14.45 Pausa pranzo

Chairpersons: G. Caprini, M. Coletta
14.45 – 14.50 Cerimonia di consegna del Premio Italfarmaco “G. De Santis”
14.50 – 15.30 O13: Angelo Spinello (Premio Italfarmaco) Rational Design of Next Generation Allosteric Inhibitors of Aromatase as a Novel Strategy to Fight Breast Cancer
15.30 – 15.50 O14: Debora Carpanese Design of New FSHR-Specific Peptides Targeting Primary and Metastatic Tumors for Imaging and Therapy
15.50 – 16.10 O15: Nunzia Iaccarino NMR and MS-based metabolomics approach to evaluate the effects of nutraceuticals and potential drugs in murine inflammatory models
16.10 – 16.30 O16: Chiara Ciaccio Molecular mechanisms involved in stress response pathways and cellular homeostasis in Rett syndrome pathology

16.30 – 17.00 Coffee break

Chairpersons: C.Pozzi, A. Spinello
17.00 – 17.20 O17: Jacopo Sgrignani HMGB1: Structural modeling and drug design
17.20 – 17.40 O18: Elisabetta Moroni Insights from molecular dynamics simulations for the development of modulators of mitochondrial Hsp90 (Trap1) activity
17.40 – 18.00 O19: Marta De Zotti Peptaibol Analogs as Antitumor Agents
18.00 – 18.30 Assemblea dei Soci Giovani della Divisione di Chimica dei Sistemi Biologici
18.30 – 19.30 Assemblea dei Soci della Divisione di Chimica dei Sistemi Biologici
20.00 Cena Sociale

Venerdì 13 settembre

Chairpersons: M. Assfalg, A. D’Urso
9.00 – 9.50 PL4: Martino Bolognesi (Dipartimento di  Bioscienze e Centro Ricerca Pediatrica R.I. Invernizzi –Università di Milano) Facing challenges of large protein assemblies through single particle cryo EM
“Supported by ChemPubSoc”
9.50 – 10.10 O20: Luca Mazzei Unveiling the catalytic mechanism of urease, a nickel-dependent enzyme involved in microbial pathogenesis and environmental issues, by X-ray crystallography
10.10 – 10.30 O21: Rosalba Randazzo Chiral recognition of Amino Acid, a supramolecular approach

10.30 – 11.00  Coffee break

Chairpersons: C. Isernia, M. Bolognesi
11.00 – 11.20 O22: Carlo Giorgio Barracchia Molecular determinants of the interactions between the Alzheimer’s disease-associated protein Tau and lipid molecules
11.20 – 11.40 O23: Eliana Gianiolo Chemical Insights into the issues of Gd-retention in brain and other tissues upon the administration of Gd-based MRI contrast agents
11.40 – 12.00 O24: Barbara Zambelli SrnR from Streptomyces griseus is a Ni(II)-binding transcriptional activator 
12.00 – 12.20 O25: Bruno Pagano G-quadruplex DNA recognition by HMGB1 protein: Physico-chemical and biological insights
12.20 – 12.40 O26: Andrea Salis The Hofmeister series: what have we understood after 130 years?
12.40 – 13.00  Conclusione dei lavori